THETA GANG is a stock and options trading platform for logging trades to share ideas and learn from each others mistakes.
Created and developed by a sole developer, Joonie. No ads, free to use.
One catch though...
You can't delete your trades. The amount of fake gurus and traders sharing only their winners and not sharing their losers is crazy! When a trade is uploaded here, it can not be deleted. It has to be closed.
But that still won't prevent people from lying...
It won't, you're right. The point of this service is to build a history, or credit! If you see a profile that only has wins, then that's a little suspicious right? Losing is a part of trading and some of the most rewarding parts of it all is learning from the bad ones.
"Okay...but what if I log a mistake/typo?"
Some fields are editable after uploading a trade, but it will be marked. Otherwise, you will have to mark the trade as a "mistake", then open a new one. This part is a bit annoying, but there is a HUGE benefit. Whenever you look at someone elses profile, you know that every single trade they've recorded has also been held to the same standard.
Joonie is the host/editor/writer of the THETA GANG Podcast. On the podcast Joonie goes over everything from trading strategies, to earnings reports, to wallstreetbets, and everything in between. Very casual vibe, recommended for commutes!
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Joonie streams on Twitch Mon-Fri when the market is open at 9am PST. Joonie shares his portfolio in real-time, does live trading, and helps the chat with any questions! Come say hi!
There are no ads on this website! THETA GANG is 100% funded by users that help contribute from Patreon. Contributing unlocks some cool perks, but the core functionality of the website will always be free.
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Do you have any positive or negative feedback? Any feature requests or bug reports? Email me! I can't promise that I will reply (there are just too many), but I can promise that I'll read it. It might even end up on the podcast :)